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SS12: Code for a Cause - Europe

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SS12 EU 2014 Finals and Winners

The winners Luchin Doblies & David Stolz (right) from ZHAW with their prizes, their mentor Alirezor Darvishy and Steve Lee from Project:Possibility

This year, SS12:EU 2014 continued giving the students more time for their projects. The goal is to encourage collaborative projects throughout one semester involving two or three team members from a range of academic levels, allow them to better experience the world of accessibility and Assitive Technology. Teams at participating universities usually compete at regional competitions with the winner representing their campus at the finals held as part of ICCHP 2014 at Paris * St Denis University.

Our sponsors this year were: The Paciello Group, Google, Project:Possibility. Additionally, the spanish group was also sponsored for travel and subsistence by: LifeSTech and Fundacion Vodafone Espana

The following universities contributed teams for the Project:Possibility SS12 2014 Finals and presented to the judges. They were then able to taking an active part in the conference in order to better engage with the accessibility community.

The judges are all experts in the field of accessible software development and AT for people with disabilities.

The main evaluation criteria were functionality, amount of work, usability, creativity, adequacy, extensibility and sustainability. Stability and error-proneness were less important since these projects were not considered to be final products.

While all student teams presented interesting and valuable projects, the winning team stood out, demonstrating an appreciation of accessibility standards and having performed a level of user testing. Their project is capable of having impact on a wide audience and was almost of product quality. While the team where at a higher academic level and had more time to dedicate to their project than some of the other teams the winners worked very hard on their own initiative, even engaging themselves in our SS12 meetings for mentors. They presented a very well thought out and polished demonstration. The winners are:

Luchin & David's mentor at ZHAW was Alireza Darvishy.

PAVE is a HTML web applications allowing easy checking and fixing of PDF accessibility issues through an interactive incremental process. It follows the PDF/UA (ISO 14289) standard and could be adapted to WCAG 2.0. While there are commercial products available that address PDF accessibility this HTML application has wide application and the team are keen to ensure it becomes an active open source project. Free access to this tool will allow anyone to improve the accessibility of PDFs whether they are documents they have produced or an otherwise inaccessible PDF they wish to access themselves.

Project:Possibility and the SS12:EU team would like to wish all the teams every success if they decide to take the projects further. We hope you enjoyed the SS12 and are inspired about accessibility. We thank our judges and sponsors for making the event possible.

SS12 EU 2014

2014 marks the the third year the SS12: Code for a Cause will be hosted in Europe. In collaboration with 14th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, ICCHP, the 2014 SS12 EU Finals will be held at the Universite Paris 8 Vincennes - Saint-Denis.

More details are provided on the ICCHP 2014 Project:Possibility page.

Universities expected to participate in 2014 include:


2013 Europe SS12 Champions

Congratulations to Braille Keyboard for Mobile Devices team from Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria on winning the title of 2013 Europe SS12 Champion. The teams from Université Paris 8, Masaryk University, Technical University of Košice, University of Dundee, and Johannes Kepler University all produced great projects. We invite the competitors to continue their work and consider collaborating with fellow competitors to make their projects even greater.

Oracle Sponsors 2013 Europe SS12

Oracle is proud to be a sponsor of the 2013 Europe SS12 Finals to be held at the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) Conference in Vilamoura, Portugal. Oracle is committed to creating accessible technologies and products that enhance the overall workplace environment and contribute to the productivity of their employees, their customers, and their customers' customers. For more information, please visit Oracle’s Accessibility Program.

2013 Europe SS12

The 2013 Europe SS12 has begun! This year's European competitions will experiment with a new semester length competition, which Project:Possibility hopes to adapt to a new academic year competition in Fall 2013. For more information on the competition and this year's competitors visit the 2013 Europe SS12 page.

Sponsors & Partners


Google Oracle The Paciello Group Accessible Media


AAATE - Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe - 12th European AAATE Conference 2013 eAccess+ - The Accessibility Network

If you're interested in sponsoring an SS12 or partnering with Project:Possibility on other events, please contact us!