Erectile Dysfunction: Are Emotional Problems Causing Your Impotence?

Erectile Dysfunction: Do you have a problem?

Erectile dysfunction. Is it spoiling your sex life?

Impotence is something people don’t like to talk about for personal reasons. There is no gettingaway from the fact that some married men today are under a lot of pressure about performing well sexually.A man’s self-image can be profoundly affected by erectile dysfunction problems, denting his self confidence in the bedroom and possibly harming the marriage.It’s essential to recognize that erectile dysfunction problems are not always because of health issues. One has to consider the emotional side of things in many cases. Emotional issues in a relationship can have a big impact on the physical side of things too.There’s no doubt that overcoming any emotional and psychological problems will help you improve your marriage and many other parts of your life immeasurably.

Is Erectile Dysfunction in Your Head?

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, sometime the physical side of things can be affected by our emotional state. When you think about it it’s pretty obvious because in order for a man to get an erection signals must be sent to the penis from the brain. His emotional state can have an effect on this.If his emotional state is in a mess then the outcome will often be no arousal and therefore no erection.Here are a number of emotional issues that can affect one’s state of mind and lead to problems in getting and maintaining an erection.

Impotence and Stress

There is no getting away from it. Stress can easily cause lots of problems for your overall health, including the sexual side of things.It’s not easy to enjoy sex when there is too much worry on your mind.It’s not really possible to get rid of stress completely but it can be reduced considerably. It just needs the right mindset.One of the first moves is to take stock of your life and recognise which stressors are involved.If you are getting stressed out because of work, finances, your relationships or anything else you need to start finding ways to deal with it. If not tackled they can cause problems in your sex life.

Lack of confidence

Although they may really love their partner some men have very low self-esteem in the bedroom department.This lack of confidence can stop them getting and sustaining an erection.All the emotional stress surrounding the act of physical intimacy can result in him developing erectile dysfunction.

Not only that, he might withdraw emotionally too to avoid the problems it causes, compounding the problem.To avoid the issue of sex, some men even go so far as to pick a fight with their partner. That’s how bad it gets at times.

Some men have had previous unsatisfactory sexual experiences with previous partners.These can give them a severe lack of sexual confidence with their current partner

Embarrassment is a problem

Even though there is lots of help available for men with erectile dysfunction, some feel too self-conscious to seek help about it and the relationship suffers as a result.If they won’t talk about their erectile dysfunction problems then how can anyone possibly help them?They need to overcome their embarrassment and find help for their erection problems. The best time is right now before it’s too late.

There are many men who have swallowed their pride and asked for help – and are eternally grateful that they did. Many of them no longer suffer from impotency and have a better marriage as a result.

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