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SS12: Code for a Cause

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Welcome to the registration page. Participants may register using the form below. Please note: due to space limitations, registration will be capped at 60 participants.

Participants are those who will be donating their time to work on software projects over the weekend. Participants will be assigned to a team and will receive all the perks of being an SS12 participant, including:

By registering for the USC SS12, you are indicating that if selected you can participate in following:

Please note that registration does not guarantee an opportunity to participate in the 2013 USC SS12.

For any questions, please see our FAQ or contact us.

Registration Form

All fields required, unless otherwise stated.

Contact Information


Background and Experience

Enter three programming languages and select your level of experience.

Select the areas that you have experience with:

If you were selected to work on a project for an Apple iOS device (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) can you supply your own Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)?

If there are other participants you would like to team up with, indicate your preference here. Our priority is to balance the teams effectively, so we cannot guarentee that you will be teamed together.

Providing a current résumé can assist event organizers and mentors in placing students with the most appropriate project. If you have a current résumé, please upload it. (not required)

Additional Information

Here is your chance to state any additional information about yourself and/or why you would like to participate in the SS12.