My Blockchain Account Is Locked

there are some people try to open the lock for bitcoin

My Blockchain Account Is Locked

One of the most popular ways into gaining and keeping money in recent years has been crypto money which is being stored in your locked blockchain wallet and coins inside it. However, there are times when you couldn’t enter your bitcoin account as to digital wallet or you have forgotten your password anymore.

There is no need to panic if there is an unaccessible blockchain wallet as it would be unlocked if you are using private keys effectively. When you open your bitcoin wallets your account would be encrypted and be only accessible to you. As long as you remember your password you should be having an access to your encrypted wallet, in an instant moment.

Try To Remember Password to Bitcoin Wallet

there are cubes, keys, locks and cryptos in the crypto wallet

It is needed to be remembered that if you are having an issue with accessing your bitcoin wallet, you would not be able to access or reset it and that option would not be available. At first, try to remember the correct password to your account with a few tries. There is still hope to get access to your web wallet if you don’t remember the password to the account through the recovery phrase. If you remember your backup phrase, you could change your password while pressing “change” at settings after getting access to the blockchain wallet.

When changing passwords make sure that it would are easier to remember for you, first thing you need to do is to choose the option to record a question and answer it so you would be able to recover your lost password. Make sure also no one hear your details as you might give them to someone.

Website Can Lock Blockchain Wallet

there is a key and lock in the back ground and bitcoin

There are times when bitcoin access could be inaccessible by the provider. One of the reasons could be when you use a credit card from your bank account or there is abnormal activity.

Another way how you might have an issue with accessing your wallet ID could be due to forgetting your private key. There is hope for your wallet ID to be recovered by checking emails coming from blockchain websites, such as You can get access to your wallet ID by checking the end of the mail where your ID of the web wallet would be present.

Wallet ID Could Be Accessed via Email

In addition, you could be asking for your wallet ID if you lose it to be sent from the blockchain websites to your email account as a reminder email from the utility option. In this manner, you would have a note to all your wallets that are connected to the given email.

Bitcoin wallet providers don’t story the password of your wallet in their services since it’s decentralized and encrypted, there are ways how you can recover manually.

Try Different Passwords Combinations If You Forgotten Original One

One of the ways is to list some potential passwords which you could have used in your bitcoin wallet. Therefore, at first try passwords which you tend to use generally and then looked for alternatives if it’s been wrong.

The good news is that most blockchain websites were providing an unlimited amount of tries when you forgot your password and you might have difficulty recovering your company bitcoin wallet after it has happened. Also sure, there is no clicking change issue when you change your password. This is due to fact that the decryption process is happening in-browser and is not communicated back to servers.

Choose Difficult Password So There Will No Be Brute Force

Another reason why your accounts might be wrong and locked by wallet ID provides is for your file could be tried to retrieve by brute force by hackers or someone else. It is important hence here when retrieving your wallet is to have a difficult password that could be difficult to decrypt. For extra security, it is hence recommended to have passwords that have random letters and numbers with the upper and lower-case mix.

Since hackers, would likely also change your encrypted wallet’s password after hacking it might guess your password and answers to the stored questions., you would not be able to get access and hence restore all of your crypto and funds which are being stored on your addresses. Therefore, you should be given extra matter when you create a new password for your new bitcoins wallet.

Private Keys are Difficult to Hack

Its a wallet with bitcoins in it with a chain around it

Stating that it needs to be reminded that the possibility for forced entry to be taking place to Bitcoin key is being unlucky due to crypto addresses being decentral and decrypted from easy success. For a force attack to be taking place very likely, hackers would be needing to search for the right key between 1 and 115 quattuorvigintillion. Therefore the possibility for a wallet to be hacked is almost impossible even after there is the possibility of this happening.

Right Password For Your Blockchain Would Secure It

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about retrieving and recovering your data if your details have been hacked in such a way. The only solution hence you would need to focus on is remembering your password and key numbers when checking transactions, assets, and pages.

its a cart wallet for bitcoin with password on the top of that


Therefore, the main key when opening a bitcoin wallet is to create a password that you would be able to remember easier but at the same time would not get easy access by someone else. This has been the main focus of this article and other articles The best way is to mix with upper-, and low- caps, numbers, and letters and create them as notes to somewhere where you could get easy access if the password is forgotten.

Therefore, you should be giving important attention when opening a bitcoin wallet and write down in a special place your private key and password so you would have an issue with accessing it in the future. Don’t also store the details of your wallet on a hard drive.



One of the most popular ways into gaining and keeping money in recent years has been crypto money which is being stored in your locked blockchain wallet and coins inside it. However, there are times when you couldn’t enter your bitcoin account as to digital wallet or you have forgotten your password anymore. There is…

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